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Waking up in the morning!!! Really waking up…

If you struggle getting up in the morning or simple want to improve in this area, a structured morning routine can set you up for a more productive, peaceful, and powerful day. With COVID19 affecting us all in many ways, getting some morning structure back in place especially in the morning, can assist you in maintaining your physical and mental fitness. Some of the best tips around improving your mornings include:

  1. Set a daily time you want to wake up every morning in order to help your body establish a rhythm.
  2. In the morning when your alarm goes off, avoid hitting snooze as this can mess with your internal body clock. Place your alarm out of reaching distance so you are forced to walk to turn your alarm off.
  3. This may sound hard but try and not use any forms of technology for the first thirty minutes after waking up.
  4. Incorporate some form of exercise into your mornings. With some willpower, after not too long you will look forward to this part of your day. A little motivation, it is said that Mark Wahlberg (Famous Movie Star) has his first workout for the day prior to 4am which is hours before many of us even wake up.
  5. Get out and get some sunrays into you. The body needs natural sunlight to function at its optimum capacity so what better way to start the day then getting some fresh air.

This is just a few tips and is not the answer to all your morning problems, but it is said that success begins the moment you step out of bed.

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