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The Why, What, and How

The journey of a product idea starts in many peoples loungerooms, by a pool, and over drinks, but bringing any idea to fruition takes a why, how, and what….

The first question you should ask yourselves is, what is the WHY of your product? With LightShield Eyes, we were born with a desire to provide products that help reduce the exposure to blue light after dark. If we were to hop in a Lift with someone, we could explain what we do in a matter of seconds even before we hit the 2nd level. What would you say to someone in a lift if they asked you about your product?

The 2nd question is to understand HOW you are going to do this? LightShield Eyes specialised in anti-blue light screen protectors. Our products have an Anti-blue & UV light film that aims to reduce the harmful blue and UV light that is emitted from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and screens. What does your product do that competitors do not?

The 3rd question is to explain to market WHAT your product actually does? We know what we do.

  • We want to promote better sleep, attention, learning, and productivity.
  • We want to assist in reducing headaches, migraines, strained eyes, restless sleep, and fatigue.
  • We allow your screen to maintain picture clarity and responsiveness without compromising the true colours from your device. 

What is the why, what, and how of your product?

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