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Our products aim to shield and protect your eyes by reducing the Blue Light and UV Light emitted from smartphones, tablets and screens. Using 9H Japanese Asahi tempered glass technology your devices will also be safe from scratches and damage.


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Our Product Benefits

How do we achieve this?

We do this because?

Benefits of LightShield Eyes products

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by human eyes. Blue light is a short wavelength, which means it produces higher amounts of energy.


In its naturally occurring form from the environment it is completely harmless and totally essential in our existence. It regulates our internal body clock; it wakes us up, gives us energy and alertness, and overall is extremely beneficial to our day-to-day life.


As our lives become more and more intertwined with technology and we spend more and more time looking at artificial light by looking at screens, we are being exposed to excess amounts of Blue Light, thereby confusing our bodies and minds.

Effects of Blue Light

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