Do you suffer from ocular migraines?

What is an ocular migraine? An ocular migraine is a condition which can affect a person with temporary vision loss or even temporary blindness in one eye. It can come in the form of a migraine with an aura (warning of an impending migraine), a painless ocular migraine (flashing or shimmering lights), and a retinal migraine (rarest form of migraine and generally affects one eye).

Symptoms of ocular migraines can include a small blind spot that affects your central vision in one eye with spots able to grow in size.

Causes of such migraines can be put down to family history, certain foods, such as aged cheeses, caffeine-based drinks, red wine, smoked meats, chocolates, cigarette smoke, MSG, and artificial sweeteners.

Treatment and prevention with the aim of reducing the frequency of migraines can come in the form of eating healthier, avoiding triggers such as bright lights, getting adequate sleep, and exercise such as yoga and Pilates. We also believe that reducing exposure to blue light from your devices can assist with this.

It is important that you seek medical help should you suffer from migraines.

What size phone fits me?

What size fits me? No, we are not asking about what size clothes, but instead what size phone? When choosing your next phone, do you know what size of phone fits you, or do you leave wondering whether you should of went a size up or a size down?

When making this important decision, there are some key attributes which can influence your decision on what is the best fit. They include:

  • What are your usage patterns?
  • What do you use a smartphone for?
  • Where do you store your phone on you?

Take for example iPhones which have over the years ranged in size from 4 inches through to 6.7 inches.  Do you have a preference for certain size phones, or do you generally just take what is available when you need an upgrade?

What are the pros and cons of smaller size phones? They are easy for day to day use and can easily fit in your pockets. They however if you have high usage, they have a smaller display which can make viewing less enjoyable.

What are the pros and cons of larger size phones? They are perfect for users who seek a great display to watch all their favourite movies, shows, and movies latest blockbusters as you do not have to squint as much for the up-close viewing. On the other hand, portability is a concern due to the size of the device, and they can also be awkward to use for traditional phone calls.

Next time you are choosing your phone size, consider what your key attributes are as this will go along way to ensuring you leave a happy customer.