How to beat the 3pm slump

One of Australia’s leading sleep experts Olivia Arezzolo explains why you are tired each day at 3pm and shares her secrets on beating the 3pm slump. See the below link for the full story…

Technology for better health

LightShield Eyes

Technology plays an integral role for all of society however what role does it play in our health? Technology is not used for your televisions, mobile phones, and computers, but it is also used to manage health records, look after finances, and track eating habits.

What are some of the ways that technology is assisting us with better health?

  1. Health Records – In Australia, there is now a secure online health record system called My Health Record. This allows for all of your important health information, medical conditions, treatments, medicine details, and scan reports to be accessed through one system. 
  2. Finances – Major banks within Australia offer their own app for your device that allows you to control of your finances. This allows you to manage all your accounts from one place and do your banking without leaving the comfort of your home.
  3. Eating – It is now easier than ever before to track your calorie intake with apps now available that assist with tracking your weight and calculating a recommended daily calorie intake.

Every aspect of our lives is now intertwined with technology. Technology is now improving our health in ways we have never seen before. It is everywhere in medicine, it is pushing us to do more activity, it allows us to communicate with our health professionals a lot better, it is allowing us to conduct more research, and it is allowing for devices to be developed that can assist with allowing your body to maintain an optimum working level.

This is why LightShield Eyes offers anti-blue light screen protectors. We want to:

  • Promote better health: Our products aim to reduce the level of blue light and UV light flowing from your device screen to your eyes after dark, helping maintain good melatonin levels in your body.
  • Melatonin is the sleep hormone that helps tell our body that it is getting dark, and we need to start winding down and getting ready to sleep, exposure to blue light is said to suppress the production of this important hormone.
  • The LightShield Eyes products through protecting the levels of melatonin in your body, aims to promote better sleep quality, less fatigue, and healthier mind, body & soul.