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Clear Eyes
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What are the side-effects of blue light?

How do we achieve this?

Our products have an Anti-blue & UV light film that aims to reduce the harmful blue
and UV light that is emitted from iPhones and iPads.

The ultimate blue light tempered glass screen protector iPhones.

The ultimate blue light tempered glass screen protector iPads

As Seen In

Benefits of LightShield Eyes

Anti-Blue and UV light filter

Our products aim to shield and protect your eyes by reducing the Blue and UV Light emitted from smartphones and tablets.


Our products allow your screen to maintain picture clarity without compromising the true colours from your screen.

9H Tempered tough glass

Our products aim to protect your screen from being smashed and scratched using 9H Japanese Asahi tempered glass technology.

Promoting better health

Our products aim to reduce the level of blue light and UV light flowing from your device screen to your eyes after dark, helping maintain good melatonin levels in your body.

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